Velbuslink and dual screen

velbus link has a problem on dual screen setups, when velbus is on a secondary screen (not the primary defined in windows),

if then a popup window/dialog needs to be open velbus link just hangs, the interface is disabled, but the dialog is never shown.

But the log for example stays working …

Most likely, the modal window is displayed, but outside both screens somewhere. For science, you can try ALT+SPACE to try and move the window into one of your screens.

i’m unable to move the window into the screen area, any other fix possible?

Not using dual screens :slight_smile:

to bad, i even use triple screen, …

Just wanted to let you know I just tried this on my dual screen setup but I don’t have this issue.

Also, for science, I’m unable to move the dialog window with Alt + space (Windows 8)