Velbuslink and forced on/off

is there a way to see the status of a relay (the forced status)?

in the module list you can see the current status of the relay (on/off) and in the operate window you can toggle between both

could this be added for the forced status?

currently there is no way to see the forced (on/off) status for a relay, and if you want to change it you must create a temp action on button and trigger that button to toggle the status.

so it would be really helpfull to add a forced on/off button on the operate window, taht behaves exactly the same as the normal on/off button but instead for the forced on/off state

bump, anything?

hi cereal,

looking in the VMB4RYLD you can see the disable/inhibit/forced on setting. On the transit relay status databyte 1 = command_relay_status (H’FB’)
databyte 2= relay bit number ( 1= channel 1, 2= channel2, 4=channel3, 8= channel4 and 16= virtual channel5)
databyte 3= disable/inhibit/forced on ( 0= channel is normal, 1= channel inhibited, 2=channel forced on and 3= channel disabled).
you have to send first a ‘Relay status request’ command (H’FA’).

You can not give a command to reset the forced on condition directly (by software).


maybe this could be handy to show somewhere in velbuslink, as now you need to send some custom packets …