VelbusLink Functionalities

I am currently evaluating some home automation systems and Velbus is taking the lead :smiley:

I am playing around zith the new VelbusLink in offline mode to check whether all posibilities I want to do with the system are possible.

By testing I found a few things that I hope are possible :

  • Is it possible to create a timer on a relais module so that e.g. a light goes on at 7pm and goes out at 11pm ? I don’t see any option in VelbusLink to create this ?

  • Is it possible to assign a single button of a VMB4PD to as well fade on as fade out a single dimmer VMBDME, or do I need two buttons ? One for fade in and one for fade out.

2 positive answers, yes and yes.
The timer can be created with a vmb4pd wich has timer functions.
Secondly, the dimmer can be controlled with one button, assign the buton to “rotary switch mode”. A short press will put the light fully on or off, a long press will dim the light.

To help you to understand Velbus way, there is no central managment :

  • pro: there is no full break if one module fails
  • cons: conditional aren’t easy to do

That’s why some user are using additional computer to enhance Velbus functions. However, VMB4PD are able to simulate press button action at defined hours of a week (one day or all day, etc.)

In resume : I consider Velbus module’s as a human body (heart or lung are able to works as standalone) but if you need a brain, buy a computer. I works on this way for blinds up when school days but not holidays (VMB4PD can do school days) 8)

Watch this video on Youtube for a simple tutorial on how to create a timer with a VMB4PD and a VMB4RY in VelbusLink 8. The video is in Dutch (NL).

VMB4PD - Simpele timers