Velbuslink not detecting new VMB6PBN modules

Since last week i’ve been playing with a test setup consiting of one VMB6PBN , one VMB1RY and PVM1USB. All has been working well and smoothly.

Today i’ve received three new VMB6PBN modules (FW Release 1350) but Velbuslink isn’t able to detect any of them.

I’ve extended the bus with a new module on both ends en in between the PVM1USB and (old) working VMB6PBN. RX is blinking every time during the scan, but it isn’t showing in Velbuslink. Set termination in all possible ways.

The older and working VMB6PBN is on address A2, VMB1RY on address 01. All modules have been reset, powercycled, etc. But no luck so far.

Am i missing something ?

Please open the ‘Logging’ tab and press some buttons on your undetected VMB6PBN modules. You should see traffic corresponding to your button presses.

If you can’t see traffic, then there’s a wiring problem. If you can see traffic, then you likely have an out of date version of VelbusLink that doesn’t support the VMB6PBN fully yet.

Logging doesn’t show anything from the three new VMB6PBN modules. TX led also doesn’t blink when pressing buttons.

Current wiring:
PVM1USB - (new) VMB6PBN - (new) VMB6PBN - (new) VMB6PBN - (old) VMB6PBN - VMB1RY

Velbuslink is the most recent version. PVM1USB is able to communicate with the last two modules

When connecting just a VM1USB and a single VMB6PBN with 1m of wire, velbuslink reports an error on the bus.

Sorry for the late reply

Please return the modules to the shop and ask for an exchange. We suspect the modules to lack correct firmware. We will try to find out what happened exactly since this should not be able to happen.

When exchanging the modules, chances are that the shop will send three new ones from the same stock. Is there a way to ensure that the new modules do have the correct firmware ?

To avoid this, I will contact you by e-mail and we will sort this personally

Great, thanks !