Velbuslink on linux ubuntu


The software works perfectly independent via wine.
If you would to connect to your installation via VMB1USB than couldn’t you give the correct port.
If you try COM1 like the example, it do nothing.
Is there anywone who have a solution for this problem?
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VelbusLink works, but no longer detects the VMB1USB under Wine?


The functionality used by VelbusLink is probably not supported by Wine, Wine is a Windows emulator after all… Hopefully the port name will not change much

I also use Velbuslink under Ubuntu but in combination with the server program I wrote (see forum here)… In this way you can connect the vmb1usb through ttyacm0 and you can connect Velbuslink through network.

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Just general info, I was able to run the latest velbuslink release on my old Ubuntu 22.04 pc (from 2012) using Wine 7.0 and the velserv on my raspberry (select Network connection instead of USB)
If there is spare time … a port toward Rasbian might be helpful, so I can run everything on the RPI4.
(remark: reason - company policy prevents installation exe files - this app has been blocked by your system administrator)

addition: on raspbian with wine I received error “invalid exe file”

Is there any user out there with VelbusLink running on any flavour of linux (wine, lutris, etc)? The forum doesn’t seem to have a happy stories about it… Installation under wine went OK, but it doesn’t run.

P.S. Are there any efforts (official or not official) to port the VelbusLink to linux or make a native version?

I heard a rumour…

But as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s a major undertaking

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“Major” is probably an understatement :slight_smile: Anyway, the open source community wrote bigger pieces than velbuslink for linux.

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