Velbuslink on Ubuntu via LAN


I have a working Velbus Domotics installation but when I want to modify the configuration I have to connect my laptop to the USB-interface. I would like to do this via LAN and I am wondering if the following idea would work:

I would install Ubuntu on a raspberry Pi, install Velbuslink on it and let it run via Wine. After that I just connect the pi to my LAN and a USB cable to the USB-interface. When I want to modify something I can easily connect to the PI from wherever in my house.

  • Will Velbuslink detect the USB-cable is connected to the Velbus Interface?
  • Will I be able to update my configuration like this in a proper way? Can I be sure the data will not be corrupted somehow when sending modified module information back to the Velbus-installation?

I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this already before I try to do this and might end up being disappointed…

Thanks in advance!


Other than VelbusLink is strictly a Windows only application and doesn’t play nicely in Wine, you’ll also use a lot of bandwidth in your network with a VNC connection.

An alternative solution would be to run some Linux software on an SBC of your choice (Raspberry Pi would be fine) and effectively expose the serial data from the USB connection to an open port.

VelbusLink can then be run from anywhere on your LAN and simply connect to the IP address and port number of your SBC.

Thankfully, there are a number of software options out there.

Here is a how-to for one such solution :slight_smile:

How-To : Install and Run VelServ - a Velbus TCP Gateway

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I have run OpenHab on a raspberry Pi to control my velbus installation (switch on-off the relais) and it works fine.

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