VelbusLink readability (v.9.86.03)

Is it possible to have some modification on fields and size on some dialog box ?
This one is awfull :

Hard to read part name (only 15 char), strange alignment, symbols to big for lines… checkbox in line “Jour, Heure, bouton…” not clear (why only one, alone?)

Thanks for the job

This is the 4PD right? I’ll pass it on to the developers, maybe we can correct this in a next release.

This will be corrected in the next release.
(On a side note, a small part of the problem in your particular case is also that you have no spaces in the channel names, which makes it more difficult to display them nicely).

it’s right, for VMB4PD. The name is used by some of my applications, to determine action :
ex: Salon_L_Ext means Module VMD4PD in Salon, button command Lamp Exterior

The main problem is, the dialogbox isn’t resizable Hope developpers could find an elegant solution :slight_smile:

problem still there with 9.86.07

Correct, this is however addressed in the next major release (10) which should be coming at the end of October .

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