VelBusLink software as socket server vs custom software

which way is a better way:

  1. velbuslink software running as service and custom sofware connecting to velbuslink via socket to do it’s job?
  2. custom software listening to USB connection where velbus is connected?

my goal is to catch all messages on velbus and broadcast them to one more app which also can send custom packets back to velbus…


The only thing you have to think about is:

  • Only one application can connect to the Velbus via USB (unless you have more VMB1USB modules)
    CLIENT(1) <-> VELBUS

  • The previous limitation can be worked around by having one application connected to the Velbus via USB and having it act as a TCP/IP server for other applications. Data just needs to be passed 1:1 from Velbus to clients.
    CLIENT(n) <-> SERVER(1) <-> VELBUS

I use the suggested setup but the Velbuslink needs better error handling because when the network connection drops out the socket connection is lost and Velbuslink 6 pops up a socket connection error and loses connection to the bus, see my bug report in the Velbuslink 7 topic.