VelbusLink startup as server


Is there still no way to launch the velbuslink software as a server?

It would be nice to have command line params to to exe in order to connect to a certain com port and start the server.

This would make it easy to launch teh tool at windwos startup. I’m running the tool as a server for own-wriietn software that connects to the velbuslink server.

ALthough it’s not finished yet I’ll post it soon on the forum :slight_smile:


Hello… I am, of course, unable to help you, but, I have a request : could you provide me your code part that connect to the server ?
Thank you

I will make a new post about it within some minutes.

I know that there is a small tool that can make an executable in a service. Can’t remember the details anymore but if this is what you are looking for, I will take a search back again in my archives…


Hello Velleman,

Any updates on this?

In order to write decent tools for Velbus this is a showstopper …

May be Velbuslink can be downloaded with source code so people can add this functionality?


Version 5.9 now has a profile option, which is nice.

But it’s even more difficult to automate starting up as a server :neutral_face:

Please make it possible to startup with the last used profile, or to add the profile name as a parameter …
same with the server option, of course … :wink:

If you don’t intend (want/have time) to do this, please provide me the sources so I can add this feature myselve … I’ll send it back to you once it’s done. P-Lease :laughing:

What server mode does is simply forward everything from TCP/IP to RS232 and back, nothing special. Ideal solution would be a Windows Service that performs this task. I don’t have to time to create this at the moment but who knows

Is it possible to share the snippets of code that you use in VelbusLink? May be I can use this to create a standalone service out of it. I’m not very used to work with C# but it does not look very complicated …

Actually, VelbusLink is written in Delphi 7… :slight_smile:

Really? That’s cool, I programmed in Delphi 8 hours a day for more than 5 years :slight_smile: - but that’s 7 years ago :frowning:
Yes, that was Delphi 1, 2 and may be 3 … :stuck_out_tongue:
So things must been changed a lot I’'m afraid, but hey, I’m not afraid of some challenges :smiley:
Let the code come to me! :wink:

Any further thoughts about setting up Velbuslink as server at startup?
Is there an other way of doing this?