Vellman.velbus namespace

I’m trying to port my application that uses the push button module on the serial port velbus. This is a port on Visual Basic, from VB6 to VB2010 on Win 7, and I need some help. I downloaded the vellman velbus lib but don’t know what to import or how to receive packets from the VELBUS. Any guidance would be appreciated… Thanks

You’ll need to know something about .NET if you want to write software in it…

Mind that Visual Basic 6.0 has nothing in common with Visual Basic .NET

Thanks, I will pursue. Are there any instructions or information on using velbuslink as the interface?

I forgot to ask, did you download the Velbus Library for .NET yet?

You can find it on this page:

Might be what you are looking for…

Thanks, I did previously download the velbus lib, but did not download the other references which I will do… I realize the differences from VB6 to VB2010/.net, and it’s been a struggle, however I have most of the application working which consists of the four temperature probe module (QKIT) and 2 four relay (VK015) modules. I have the VMB8PB connected to the VMB1RS.
That’s the one I am having difficulty with. In VB6 I was able to handle data received, decode the packet and preform the requisite activity. With VB2010, I am not able to receive data, although VELBUSLINK works fine. I’ll look over the material you suggest and see what I can do… Thanks again…