Is it possible to open a Velux GGL INTEGRA SK06 with velbus? How does it work?

If this Velux item can be controlled with the classic Velbus blind control, then it could work.

Called velux and they told me that it have to be an i/o homecontroled systeem??


Can you send the schematics to please?
The velux answer does not make any sense to me.

Kris Daelman

I’ve the same problem.

I’ve chosen Velbus and not Niko because of the DIY possibilities with Velbus.
But Niko is alo part of this ‘io Home Control’ alliance so they integrate with Velux already.
It is important I can automate also the blinds or the rolling shutters with velbus.

I did some quick research, to control the Velux without their own remote, you not only need the ‘KUX 100’
but also the KLF100. You can’t connect directly because the io-Home Control signal is a requirement.

]Some Z-Wave solution exists ($282$29.pdf)
but it’s not sure those work with the newest Velux windows./
]Another possibility is to replace the PCB that drives the motor! As this makes the warranty invalid and I have no EIB wiring, I am not really interested…

So now I am wondering how I connect Velbus to Velux without a lot of hacks…

As far as I know the KLF 100 can work with potential free contacts. See page 10 and onwards. There are no schematics. … 9-0109.pdf

Thanks a lot for any help.

thanks for the feedback.

As far as I know, there is a solution with potential free contacts. I suggest this must be this “KLF100” module.