Is it possible to buy a ventilationsystem (C or D) from velleman/velbus, working on/with velbus?


Velbus only sells modules.
Using relay modules and 0-10V controllers, you will be able to control a wide range of ventilation systems.

Kris Daelman

What brand of heat recovery systems for family homes can directly conntected to a 1-10V Velbus controller?

I can only find Dutch ventilation systems with works with a “4 step switch”: … nden_1.jpg

What you suppose to do with the other 3 channels of the 1-10V Velbus controller? You only need one channel for ventilation. But have to buy 4 channels.

The HRV unit—Rev-C.aspx with the “PLUS” extension has a 0-10V input. (by changing the default settings you can get a second 0-10Volt input)

I have this system and its connected to 0-10 velbus output.
It works great.