Very Simple Control Protocol


I am one of the maintainers of VSCP ( and found your forum from a link on our developer list.

VSCP is built to use CAN as it’s least common denominator (also use RF, TCP/IP etc) and as I understand from the posts on your site Velbus is also CAN based. It would have been nice if we could interact in some way so we could use your stuff (and maybe your users use our stuff).

As it looks Velbus uses standard id’s and it would therefore be very easy for the two protocols to work togehter on the same bus as VSCP uses extended id’s.

As our project is open source and free this would be a good thing for your existing customers as well as code and samples would be available as well as higher level code to do real automation.

Specs. and all info about VSCP is at … ctionality

Interesting project, we’ll take a look at your documention and source code to see what’s possible

VSCP : it seems an interesting project. The sms module & motion detection seems very nice. But what i’m asking myself, is it still active. I mean, the last news-post is from 2006-06-07 , thats already a long time ago…

He’s a maintainer actively seeking expansion of his project so it must still be active…

It is kind of hard to figure everything out though