Virtual comPort


my vmbrsusb is in the distributionbox ok “where else”
now i dont wont to go with my computer to the box so i put in the box a vsnetcom com tp serial but velbuslink does not showing these comport



when i search around in my computer i found out that the right port is stored in the registry but he isnt shown…

next problem the settings in vscom speed parity and so on no problem but rts high and dts low i think there is a problem
please explain me these settings


The RTS pin needs to be high and the DTR pin low, because the module needs the power supplied by the RTS pin.

Correct me if i wrong

can this done manually ??
rts pin +12v
dtr pin 0v



You mean with a custom connector? Yes, it is possible to manually feed +12V to the RTS pin. The DTR pin needs -12V (not 0V)

i think there is my problem the vscom serial to ip adapter does not deliver the power
i had to measure it

after a lot measurements and testing i found the right settings and pins, the pins are other then standart!
Now the serial port of my vmbrsusb is dead grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
So i cannot tell if my measurements and testings are correct.

I know this doesn’t directly resolve your current issue of the dead RS232 port on your VMBRSUSB.

I’ve got a couple of clients that have installed either a small headless Linux box or a small Netbook with a small app / server like PB_Server or Vel448’s own creation with a VMB1USB or VMB1RS


The resulting TCP port is then available across your network, or beyond.

Of course, once you’ve got a mini server running, there are lots of things you can load onto it.