Virtual Relays

This is more of a feature/module request. I have moved homes from one with Velbus to one where I am planning to install Velbus. In my previous home I had 9x VMBRYLD, 3x VMBRYNO, 1x VMBRYS and 1x VMBIN. I ended up using all 20 virtual relays! Current home will have a smaller install, but I am pretty sure I will run out of virtual relays. I could resort to openHAB/Node-RED for some of the logic but I would prefer to keep everything within Velbus, with openHAB for an interface and openHAB/Node-RED for integrations - for example, my LG TV.
So, rather than purchasing multiple VMBRYS/VMBIN just for the virtual relays, just wondering if there are any plans to offer a module with just virtual relays? As far as I can tell, I don’t think the Signum offers virtual relays?

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Have you seen the VMB4PB? Soon to be replaced with the VMB6PB?

The Led outputs can be changed in software to be like relays.

So that would give you 4 or 6 relays channels (and 4 or 6 contact connections)

That could work. I presume I can then just use them as virtual relays and not have anything actually connected to them. Might end up using the push buttons for something else though. For the VMB(4/6)PB, I suppose I cannot use the outputs/relays as potential-free. This is for a different application.

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Exactly so.

The concept behind the VMB4(6)PB is exactly as you have in mind.

Including using the LED outputs as triggers.

I’m told that we might need to put a 3.3v to 5v booster in line to get the outputs to trigger things, but other than that, they appear within Velbuslink link as relay outputs. (When the setting is changed within the configuration of each module)

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I am not sure if you can get the Stijnen Solutions Home Center in the UK. That too could be a solution with which you can go far beyond what you can do with virtual relays or Signum.

I would not bet on Signum, the product seems stuck in its development from where I am sitting.
Stijnen Solutions Home Center used to be offered from the site but I can no longer find it there. It seems logical that Signum would be the in house replacement for the Stijnen Solutions Home Center. That would be fair if Signum would have the same capabilities. It does not look to me as if it does, but I have neither product so I do not have any experience with it.

then you might as well just go for openhab or home assistant - and create any rule you want… - but that was already removed as part of the question…

OK. A single channel relay seems to have similar firmware as a 4-channel. The three unused channels are virtual relays. If you want to stick with that, buy single channel relays.

Thanks everyone. The HIS looks interesting but expensive. Perhaps straightforward enough (and much cheaper) to just have a few VMBRYS or VMB4(6)PBs in a DIN enclosure.

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