Vm1bls not honoring continuous mode


I have 3x1BLS’s and I’ve configured them to be in “continuous mode” - while 2 out of the three seem to follow orders, the last one does not… and goes from “up” into HALT mode after about 1m50s

When reconfiguring to 1second or 5 seconds it follows that setting… but continuous mode seems to be limited to 1m50 for that module only… is there a way to re-flash the firmware ?

Before you go too far down that road.

Can you pop a multi meter in the voltage supply into that module and confirm it consistently gets at least 13Vdc

(I had a similar issue with a VMB1BLS at the end of a cable run, although the time out varied, depending on the demand for current from the rest of the network)

a steady 14.85V with a relay down…

looks like a full rewrite (not just changes only) fixed it …