VMB protocol : module's status

With my Velbus-server I can observe that to have a complete status for VMB4RY (for example), we’ve to send 4 frames (and wait 4 responses).

[quote]Request : Relay 1 status
Answer : Relay 1 (ON or Blink : 000x000y)
Request : Relay 2 status
Answer : Relay 2 (ON or Blink : 00x000y0)
Request : Relay 3 status
Answer : Relay 3 (ON or Blink : 0x000y00)
Request : Relay 4 status
Answer : Relay 4 (ON or Blink : x000y000)[/quote]

However, as it’s a bit information (each relay have it own bit), it would be nice to see all status in only one frame request…
**Example **: 0FFB@@08FBmmrrll (mm: Mode, rr: Relay Status Byte, ll:Led Status)
rr could be 00110011, which means that Relay 1 and 2 are Blinking
rr could be 00100011, which means that Relay 2 is blinking and relay 1 is ON

Is there a way to found this rr byte ? in read data, in status command (with part number set to $F or something lie this) ?