VMB1BLS - Firmware upgrade from build 1534

The VMB1BLS modules I’ve recently bought have the firmware build 1534 installed.

VelbusLink does not propose the firmware upgrade but the last firmware builds (from 1809) offer new interesting capacities for my usage (the “slats mode” for instance).

Will it be proposed soon thru VelbusLink or is there a technical limitation for that build version?

You can firmware update individual modules as follows:

  • put Velbuslink in advanced mode (menu Tools > Advanced mode)

  • right-click on the module > Advanced > Firmware update

Or you can use the batch firmware updater (menu Tools > Firmware updates) and check the update in the “Optional” section.

I’m sorry, my previous message does not apply to the VMB1BLS that are currently in the field and in stock. These are not upgradable due to technical (hardware) reasons.

For a blind module with current (and upgradable) firmware, you can use a VMB2BLE DIN-rail module, or you would have to wait until the next batch of VMB1BLS is produced (and be sure you get a new one, not an older one from a distributor’s stock). I’ll see if I can get more precise information on when this new batch would be available.

I couldn’t use the VMB2BLE version as my modules need to be small and placed into the ceiling.

It would be great if you could get more information. Thank you!