VMB1DM and GU10 led light gradator/dimmable compatible

Hi the great team !

I would to understand why my Led’s lights (GU10, 240V, compatible with gradator/variator) can’t dim ? I use at least 4 lights.

For now, I use halogen light but energy saving need I change them. I can’t cable led dimmer because only 3 wires (neutral, phase and ground) with 1,5mm²

Thanks for any help
David (aka. Golfy)

If you use the Etiampro Velbus compatible “DIMMABLE LED LAMP SPOT” GU10 you will not have problems anymore. The Philips Master GU10 230V also works but doesn’t switches off completely.

indeed; Etaimpro works perfect!

well, not cheaper… :open_mouth:
(official website don’t show me any price : https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=435610)
My LED lights dim around 1 to 5% : hard to use and 25-50-75-100% is totally unusable but the price isn’t the same. I wasn’t imagining it was so complex to use led light.

I’ve other lamps GU3.5 (halogen on 12V transformers) but I’m stressed to search how to replace them ! any idea ?

Not cheaper (around 18€) but it will work!
VMBDMI will work better with a conventional (block, toroid, copper) transformer. I’ve very good results with Verbatim 52645, 52646 GU5.3 12V LED light at a price less then 10€. Try it!

Hello Golfy :wink:

I’ve done a load of testing with VMBDMI & VMBDMI-R units and put the videos on YouTube if that helps…



I haven’t got a VMBDM so can’t say what will or won’t work with it.

Good luck,