VMB1DM down

Hi all,

One of my VMB1DM seems to be down… it is recognized during scan in Velbuslink, I can configure it…
But once I try to change the dimmer value, nothing happen, and Velbuslink doesn’t even receive any dimming value change event (Clicking on “ON” button doesn’t make the dimming slider change anymore)… and it doesn’t either work with physical push button on the module.

It was working for months with no problem until now.

Any idea ?
Anything else to test ?

Any idea of a possible fix ?

Thank you

Check the lamp.
The internal fuse can be blown. In this case its better to send the dimmer back to the manufactor to repair.

Do you have any idea on how to organize such a return ?
Is there an RMA page on the manufacturer site ?

Thank you

Simply return it to your Velleman distributor or to:

Velleman Tech. Dept
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Please include proof of purchase to qualify for repair under warranty conditions.

I have bought it so long ago, I am afraid it isn’t under warranty anymore… is it an expensive operation ?


Or, is there any schema/diagram for a technician to do it by himself

There is a two year warranty on all Velbus modules.
Units are not user servicable.
Repair cost is fraction of the price of a new unit (shipping and handling not incl.)