VMB1DM LED lights

Hi, Am have just installed my first velbus system at home.

I have 2 questions which I have still not managed to sort.

  1. I have 3 VMB1DM dimming modules. One has 4 LED GU10’s connected, two has 8 LED GU10’s connected. All at 240v. The third has 3 LED GU10’s connected. The first 2 are working fine but the third set, one of the LED’s is always on and they will not dim. I have swapped over to another dimmer and they do the same so its not a hardware fault. The first 2 sets are inceptor micro LED’s and the third set are just straight GU10’s in a standard mounting, so guess this has something to do with it. It might be I need another module for this set? (the third set are 3 x 4.5w 240V bulbs)

  2. How do I wire in the push button connection to the vmb1dm? I have a momentary switch that is 3 way. Up down and in the middle off. Can this be used? I assumed pressing up once would turn it on, holding it down would dim and a quick press down would turn off?

Thanks in advance,


I haven’t used that dimming unit, but I have to assume that your understanding of the push button is correct.

Regarding the issue with the mains replacement LED, please have a read of this post I’ve just put up




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