Vmb1dm problem

One of my vmb1dm doesn’t react.
1-was working properly
2-stopped working after accidentally used learning mode
3- changed adress+checked bulbs no reaction
4-only flashing on learning mode c1 f1…
Any idea


The best thing to do would be probably:

  • set to a non-learning-mode address
  • use Velbuslink (install the latest version first!) to write factory defaults
  • use Velbuslink to program the desired actions and config (instead of using the switches)

I did all what you said.no luck.
I bought it 6 years ago,but just installed it this week. maybe it’s an old firmware, incompatible with new version of velbus link. Should i try with an older version?
Am really disappointed

Here is the extended manual, you should find all the information to solve your problem here: VMB1DM extended user manual.

Some passages of special interest:
To manually delete the memory of the module: p.14, last paragraph.
Connection of the bulb, p.5 and 6, and “troubleshooting” p.6

(An older version of Velbuslink will normally not solve anything, on the contrary, you risk causing more problems).