VMB1DM problem

Hello to all,
Currently I do testing with VELBUS system where i still new with it.
I use 4 channel relay module(VMB4RY),dimmer module (VMB1DM) and 8 channel push button & timer panel (VMB4PB).
I got some trouble with dimmer. The problem that I facing is how to program to set it to bright and dark.
How to program it since the VELBUSLINK that I use give error “Could not find memory definition file” each time I try to configure the VMB1DM.
I being test the dimmer module where it can work perfectly but can’t program it that work with the VMB4PB where i set the button of dimmer bright and dark button.
Please guide me since i newbie with this system.


do you use velbuslink 8 to program your dimmer ?


Hello stis,

what you mean by velbuslink 8?does it version of velbuslink?
I using velbuslink version What should i do next?

I’s not recommended to use any version of velbuslink prior to 8.2. Not only are there bug fixes and more features in the newer version, but the there is also support for more modules.
The only reason I come up with to use version 6 is for the socket server, which is not included in version 8.2. But then you can still connect to the socket server from velbuslink 8.2.

hi danssaertd,

Thank you for your comment.
But i still can’t set program for my dimmer module.
Please guide me how to program the VMB1DM.


Do you still get the error about the definition file in veblus 8.2?
To program it, you should simply choose a push button, assign an action to it, select the dimmer module from the list and then select an appropiate action (for instance, 50% or all off) to finally hit ok. then you hit the synchronize button, set it to write, check that your dimmer is checked in the list and then hit ok.
I guess that’s how you do it, feel welcome to ask more if it’s not clear.


Please do not use VelbusLink 6 to program your modules :exclamation: Try reading the manual (Help -> Index (F1)), this can help clear things up for you about the basic workings of VelbusLink.