Hi there,

I was able to setup communication between an VMB1RS and Irule with a network to rs232 converter (ITach RS)
This actualy works great for controlling velbus by IOS or Android (low budget!) but i can’t get the feedback to work.

You guys got any Idea why i can send data but cannot receive?
Thanks in advance!

Hello DJ,

We are looking to do exactly the same with a velbus system (send commands from Irule via an itach box). Not to worried about receiving feedback just now.

Would you be able to explain your setup and how you are sending the appropriate commands from Irule?

Thanks in advance.


Hi James,

a little late to respond…
still need the info?


No problem! Yes, would still be interested in your approach.


The VMB1RS requires the RTS line to be high (+10V) and the DTR line to be low (-10V). If this is not the case, then communication will only work one-way.

So I’m afraid your problem can not be solved programmatically…

Hi Support,

Is there a workaround?
The module i’m using is globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2sl-pspecs/
Thanks in advance!