I have recently installed a VMB1RYNOS module (new), all is working fine except for commands to the virtual relais, they can’t be made directly from the velbus software, when i turn the relay ‘on’ in the software I can’t put it o-‘out’ anymore.
Also the status of the virtual relais is’nt shown in the software, they always show ‘out’ even when they are ‘on’.
I bought another one but the problem is the same.
Also isn’t it possible to make a ‘firmware upgrade’, this option is ‘disabled’ in the velbus software for these modules.
Both VMB1RYNOS have the ‘1422 build’.
Is there ‘new’ and better firmware available for these modules ? and if Yes, how can I upgrade them ?

Thanks very much in advance

This issue will be solved in VelbusLink 9.9, which is due to be released soon.

A firmware upgrade is not necessary.