VMB1TS problem after upgrade firmware


Recently I’ve installed the new Velbuslink software (9.1).
I upgraded the firmware off all my VMB1TS modules from build 1116 to build 1247.
Unfortunately afterwards all the VMB1TS modules were not found after a scan.
They cannot be programmed anymore either.
They don’t send there status anymore to the VBM1TC.
After the scan a new VMB1TS module appears in the list (with adress FFFF)

Is anyone capable to help me?

Kind regards!

The updated VMB1TS needs a serial number (not supported yet).

Do you have a VMBHIS on which I can connect from distance please?


Hello Kris,

I’m sorry but I don’t have a VMBHIS in my installation.

I have reported this error 3 weeks ago (see Bug in Velbuslink V.9.1: VMB1TS has being cloned) and insisted to momentary withdraw version 9.1 because still victims will fall. I became an answer from Gunther Van Butsel that the Sales Department will contact me, but as yet without any response.

This is a shame: it’s not the fault of the customer that this VMB1TS is destroyed and Velleman let the customer literally and figuratively out in the cold: the cold days are coming and we are effective in the cold!

My experiences with Niko are much more positive: the next day were 3 man of Niko at the door to investigate the error!

Please return the item for repair under warranty conditions.
Sorry for the inconvenience.