VMB1TS protocol question

Hi Velbus team,

I’m looking at page 4 of “VMB1TS protocol edition 1 rev4” PDF file.
I don’t understand difference between transmits the sensor output status frame and Transmits the manual push button status.
Is there a mistake in documentation ?
They’re H00 function with highest priority and 4 bytes…

Thanks for help

By the way, on VMB4RYNO files, $12 and $13 functions have the same description (forced off) in Edition 4…
and $12/$13 function’s number are used for VMBGPx too (channel lock/unlock), am I right ?

Is there someone here :wink:

Still working hard on a Velbus application, it seems that a relay or a blind send a push button order on the bus and then, reply with it own status. Could we have more details about how messages are exchanged ?
Sometime, 0x00 and other time 0xFB functions, it’s hard to filter correctly.

I’m waiting for an answer, thanks ! :slight_smile:

Have you seen the Velbus documentation on Github? And especially the Velbus packet protocol?

Well, I’ve read all I can on the Velbus protocol and it’s nice to found open documentation.
I’ve written PB_Velbus-server (an IP server that is able to share Velbus frame with any TCP application connected to it) and some others programs (VelbusCmd, Veltron, etc.)

I’m working on an alarm program (wich could send SMS if there is an intrusion in the house). I’ve difficulties to understand why 0x00 with 0xF8 priority aren’t only button/detector module’s.
I can see all frames and I would to filter on role based rules.

If my work is stable enough, I’ll share it to the Velbus community because for now, I could manage sensors status, temperature and detect buttons pressed, then start lamp/siren, etc.

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Relay modules for instance also send button press packets, because they can also be initiators of actions.
So there’s no quick and easy way to filter packets coming from button/detector modules.