VMB1TS response messages from velbuslink

Good morning,

Over the last years I have been making some Velbus modules using STM32 controllers. Just for fun and to extend my real (official) velbus installation.

Tried to make a VMB1TS module so I can have some temperatures on the bus (and use those in Openhab for logging).

Have all messages & answers implemented, but somehow velbuslink is not happy. It does continue to send the same request every 10 seconds. So my conclusion is that there is an error in my order of answers.

(All “IN” messages are generated by my module, yet Velbuslink is not happy, and starts requesting everthing again after 10 seconds. So there must be an error in my order of answering)

Could someone who owns an VMB1TS make a dump of velbuslink?

  • What happens when the module is detected?
  • What happens when you press F6 to open the configuration dialog? Which messages?

Yes, I do have the datasheet of the protocol, but there are some funny things in there too (2 messages with ID 0x00 for example) and it does not explain which answer to send to which request.

Help with be greatly appreciated.

(Have no plans to implement the logic of an WMB1TS. Just want the temperature value)

Greetings Matthijs

I have a VMB1TS on a demo rig that your are welcome to remotely connect to.

Good morning,

Thanks for reaching out to help me. It is kind of frustrating not to get the VMB1TS messages right you know. :wink:

I would be greatly helped if you could log the data/traffic in velbuslink, select the VMB1Ts module (clear logging) and then press “F6”. This will bring up the configuration dialog and in the background generate a lot of traffic to the module.

If you could send me that log, that would be great.

Connecting remotely would be cool too. Tell me how!

Greetings Matthijs


I think it would be much easier if you connected remotely, then you can gather as much information as you need and re-test things until you are happy.

I’ll PM you the connection details.


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Great going to try right now!

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Thanks for that update.

I’m glad it all worked well for you.