VMB1TS Send Temperature


I have set a VMB1TS to send current temperature when the temperature changes but looking at the logging no temperature is ever sent also set it to every 10 seconds but again nothing shows up in the logging.

Also how do you view the Max and Min temperatures?


This is how i done it in C#.

//Sent out setting autoscan setting to VMBTS
            for (int i = 0x61; i <= 0x62; i++)
                packet.Address = i;
                packet.Rtr = false;
                packet.Priority = PacketPriority.Low;
                packet.DataSize = 2;
                packet.Command = 0xE5;
                packet[1] = 10;
I= module address in Hex
packet[1] = 10 seconds

For the min and max temperature you have to use H’E6’. Look for databyte 4( high byte) and 5(low byte) = min temp and databyte 6(high byte) and 7(low byte)= max temp. temp is in two’s complinent format and the resolution is 0.0625°C.
Download for velbus also VMB1TS protocol. you will find all the possible commands for this module.

hope this will help you.

Hi Stis thanks for reply.

I am looking at installing these now that i have finally moved house.

Never been able to get transmit temperature to work.

I have this set but have never seen the temperature transmitted on the bus.

hi bs85,

where are you looking for your logging? is it with velbuslink or a program that you wrote yourself?

[quote=“Stis”]hi bs85,

where are you looking for your logging? is it with velbuslink or a program that you wrote yourself?[/quote]

Looking at the packet monitor in velbuslink.

hi bs85,

have you given a adress to you vmbts? i have my vmbts setup to send temperature on bus when when the temperature have changed. So not every 10s.


Yes both the VMB1TS have an address. Have tried 60 seconds and when temperature changes and still get nothing from either of them.

Cant believe there is no support from Velleman.

We will need to keep a closer eye on Velbus posts, apparently there was a bug in VelbusLink preventing proper send interval behavior, this will be fixed in the next release (8.5).

Minimum and maximum temperatures can not be seen in VelbusLink, but they can be requested

VMB1TS Temperature sensor protocol
velleman.eu/downloads/0/velb … vmb1ts.pdf

After a sensor temperature request (page 14) you will receive the sensor temperature (page 6)

Example taken from the VelbusLink traffic log:

Current = 2Ch = 44d = 22°
Min = 29h = 41d = 20,5°
Max = 3Ah = 58d = 29°

Be careful when sending the sensor temperature request, because the send interval is also set with that packet
In this example: 0F FB 30 02 E5 01 DE 04
00 = don’t send
01 = on change
+10(=n) = every n seconds

Received ver 8.5 and now send temperature is working ok


hi bs85,

how did you get version 8.5? is it allready in the downloadsection?



I got it from velbus support