VMB1USB and Vista


I see that the inf file is available for download, and is supported by Windows XP and Windows 2000.

What about support for Windows Vista? Will the driver work too?

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We have succesfully tested this interface on our Vista PC.

Great, thanks! 1 blocking issue less to go get the modules to start play around with it!


doesn’t work with Vista 64Bit!!!

I succeeded to install the software on Vista 32bit, can’t try the connection already, ordered yesterday my first modules.

I hope they arrive fast so that I can also play around with it!

The new 64-bit platform requires all drivers to be digitally signed. This is part of the new security model in Windows Vista. At present, we do not have a signed driver available.

Windows Vista 32-bit does not enforce this policy yet, which is why the driver is accepted and works properly.