VMB1USB doesn't allow computer to boot

When I connect my VMB1USB to a computer and I restart the computer it isn’t able to boot.
It halts before the bios screen comes up so I doubt it is software related.
I tested this with several other computers and I got exactly the same results
and I didn’t had anything similar with any other usb devices before.
Connecting the VMB1USB when the computer is already booted seems to be working correctly.

Does anybody have any advice to resolve this?


  1. The computer is turned off
  2. You plug in the VMB1USB
  3. You power on the computer
  4. You see absolutely nothing on the screen


That is exactly what is happening.
The only thing that is happening after pressing the power button is the computer is getting power
and there may be a cursor blinking on the screen, I have to check to be sure.
But I am not getting any POST BIOS messages etc.

hi silentstorm,

try to disable usb legacy support in the bios. if this doesn’t help than you disable in the bios booting from other devices and usb.

hope this will help you to boot your pc.