VMB2BLE - blind controller - 2 fully independent channels?

Datasheet VMB2BLE
I assume that the module offers 2 completely independent channels?
My planned configuration:
Option A:
One VMBGPODW with one screen (is that a correct term?) for controlling of 2 blinds (4 buttons, 2 x up, 2 x down, long/short touches for partial/full movement)
Option B:
Dedicated VMBGP2W for each window blind. Tha option feels old school, more expensive and require walking to the window to open the blind.
Option C
Both combined. Same price as B - the controller will be in the room anyway.

Please excuse me if the question is dunb, but do I plan it in the right way?

P.S. I’m looking at a beautiful 100 m reel of green 2x2x0.8 mm2 EIB cable that will be used for the installation. Arrived today :heart_eyes:

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“This is Velbus, not some cheap rubbish”

You can have all of the above, all at the same time

I really think you and Derek Nolan should meet up, so he can show you the magic in action.

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Sure, and that is a simple application.

I have the blinds in program. When the sun shines brightly, the VMBPIROB closes the blinds. When it gets overcast, the blinds open. After 17:00h, all blinds to the east open and stay open. The program sits in a GPOD and there are buttons on the GPOD to turn on and off the programs so I can very easily swith between manual, time based, light based or time plus light based control.

Velbus is some piece of kit, eh?


What’s GPOD? I just realised I want VMBPIROB in my project as well, besides the VMBMETEO :smiley:

Second generation Standard OLED panels - https://www.velleman.eu/products/search/?q=vmbgpod&search=Search

Forerunner to the funky new Edge Lit panels


To paraphrase a questionable movie quote…

“I think we are going to need a considerably bigger truck”

I’m not sure if I want to tell you that you can have ANY RAL COLOUR you like from this month.
(Subject to Colour setup fee)

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I know one person that will be delighted to hear about the RAL colour option.

I’m slowly switching my brain from the old school designing of electrical installation to “Velbus - your imagination is the limit”.
I need some hints - for the living room with the control module with display it’s all clear. But what for some other rooms? Should I install the control module in each room? Go wireless? Install dedicated switch? One for blinds and one for lights? Or combined? Aaaaa… :wink:

Can I kindly ask for hints what what make sense? The idea of dusk/down sensor for blinds control got included in my design, but I think it makes sense to have a manual control as well?

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With the danger of repeating myself, I really think you need to meet up with Derek and see the kit in action.

Your ideas are on the the right lines, but I get the feeling you are still shackled by “classic” methods.

First of all, remember “any button, any action”… don’t think “I need 1 switch plate for each device to be controlled”

You could have

1 OLED, somewhere in the house to give you granularity over everything.

Then, simple 1 or 2 button panels everywhere, to report room temperatures for heating and give users local access / control to selected items.

Don’t think about wireless until the house system is up and running, then look at a platform that works best for your mind and budget.




And use whichever handheld devices you can

Or voice control?

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Have you seen any of the wiring plans I’ve created over the years?

Maybe that would help you come up with ideas.

Other than that, I’m 100% sure the other forum users have hundreds of ideas :smile_cat:

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Derek here from Dtn Electrical in Ireland. We are the Velbus distributors in Ireland and work along side Mdar in the UK. As Stuart has mentioned if you need any assistance with a velbus project or want to see the product, feel free to get in contact with me derek@dtnelectrical.com and we would be happy to help!!


Thank you all! I’ll send an email

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Where I can find the plans?
I decided to go with openHAB (test server up & running and I already love it even there is only TV and audio equipment connected). I’m working on my house layouts - I’ll ask for a check once I have it ready to share.

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I’m happy to send you anything directly, but over the years I have added plenty to this forum.


Or this link should take you to the latest version I’ve worked on

If you find any broken links, please let me know where they are and I’ll resolve them (I moved our website, I think I recreated the paths, but quite possible I’ve missed a few)


For anyone else that finds this topic and wants to look at a wiring plan.

Heres a simple one-wire example

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Hello everyone

Because we get asked for wiring plans a lot, I’ve put all mine onto the MDAR website, under a download page.

If there is anything you need, please just reach out.





Thanks - this has been great help - I’ve managed to get my blinds working correctly. Happy Days!!!

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I’m delighted to read that.

Thanks for leaving a note here.

also checkout those VISIO shapes :wink:

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Great job Stuart!
Just because I like your amazing perfection, I’d just like to mention that there’s a little mistake in the link of “A guide to installing and configuring a HVAC system with Velbus” in your download section.

It refers to the guide of all the Velbus modules, with the exception of that I am so pleased with everything you are doing here!!!
:+1: :clap:
Thanks for your great help on this forum!

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Thanks @Hans1975

That’s really kind of you to say, it does mean a lot to me to know that my efforts are truly appreciated. :blush:

@RCZ … I think Hans is referring to one of your contributions :laughing:


@Hans1975 - that overview you can find here: Velbus Modules and their connections (wordpress.com)

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