VMB2BLE & VMB1BLS blind modules: ‘1C’ command

For both the VMB1BLS and VMB2BLE modules, in the technical documentation (2ble documentation link) it is stated that a 1C command byte should result in a “set blind position” command. Sadly, I cannot get this to work on either module. Even Velbus link does not seem to know about 1C. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on with this command?


Looking at the documentation you should send following packet;


Perhaps you’re not setting the highest priority?

Also for any further questions surrounding developing for Velbus, put your questions in the ‘For developers’ section (I’ve changed it for you now).

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I’ve tested sending the command and it works as expected, however there’s an issue sending 100%, we’ll look into that right now.

As for VelbusLink not recognizing 1C as a valid command, this should be fixed in the next version, thanks for reporting.

We’ve checked the 100% issue and it turns out it’s a firmware bug.

To circumvent this, you can send the 0x06 command, which makes the blind go down.

In a newer version of VelbusLink we’ll add a new firmware version for both modules with which you can set the blind position to 100%.

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I’ve tested it and it does seem to work for values other than 100%, so I must have been doing something wrong. Thank you for the quick support.