Am stuck with module VMB2LEDDC and after some advice please.

I have ordered the VMB2LEDDC and VMB4DC. Most of the wiring looks OK but am unsure what this bit is.

The output from VMB4RYLD is 240v, so how does this become 12v? Do I need to use a separate driver?


Hello, that’s a simple trafo/power supply :slight_smile: In other words, the power supply of the LED strip. We add a relay so the primary of the trafo can be switched off when the dimmer is set to 0% (for added safety and to avoid possible remaining power consumption).

Hello, Thank you for your reply.

I just brought LED strips assuming Velbus would power them.

Can you please advise if the below would be suitable?


The power supply looks OK. It’s up to you of course to take the specific specs into account in relation to your installation (max. current, voltage, etc.).