VMB2PB(A)N disappear in velbuslink


When I add a VMB2PB(A)N to the project and I save my project, the next time I open the project all these modules (VMB2PB(A)N) are disappeared.

The build I use is 2137

Kind regards

Thank you for reporting this, I’ve taken a look and the cause of the problem is an incorrect module type being written to the project file.

If you open your project file in a text editor (notepad), you will see your VMB2PBN module listed as

<Module build="????" address="??" type="VMB2PB(A)N" serial="????" locked="?" zone="?">

The type should be VMB6PBN instead of VMB2PB(A)N

<Module build="????" address="??" type="VMB2PBN" serial="????" locked="?" zone="?">

You can edit it manually, however, the module name will be written incorrectly again once you save. I’ve corrected this in the new version, which I’ll try to make available as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience