VMB3PS combine outputs


The VMB3PS have 3 outputs (3x12V 1A).
Is it allowed to connect all the -nodes and all the +nodes so that we can use (1x12V 3A).
The reason why I asked this is ==> I have 6 modules (VMB4RYLD) connected with a VMBRAIL, this consumes 1440mA and is more then 1A.

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Please do not connect all these outputs together. Each channel has a thermal fuse (all slightly different).

If you want to use the rail, replace the VMB3PS and VMBTR1 by a VMBSMPS.

So what is the best option when I have a lot of modules.
I need more then 54W.

  • Can I combine 2 VMBSMPS?
  • Or do I need to rearange the modules in the cabinet and use 2 times VMBTR1 + VMB3PS
  • Or do I buy a transfo 2x12V 100VA and connect two VMB3PS

Kind regards, and thank you for your support

The best thing to do is using 2 x VMBSMPS.
The grounds of these VMBSMPS must all be connected together (same reference level).
The plus+ of one VMBSMPS can be connected to 50% of your modules
The plus+ of the other VMBSMPS can be connected to the other 50% AND the bus cable in your walls.

54W means a lot of modules and most of the time these will be split in several electrical cabinets. In this case you can use 1 VMBSMPS in each cabinet (grounds always connected together).

When every module is active, pay attention to your voltage drop. The minimum voltage on every module shouldn’t be less then 12V.
In order to avoid this, you can mount an extra cable (ground- and plus+) in your cabinet between the VMBSMPS and the last module. This way the current doesn’t have to pass the entire wiring before arriving at the last module.

Hope this helps you a little further
Kris Daelman

More info in the installation guide

Dutch installation guide:
velbus.eu/downloads/velbus_h … ook_nl.pdf