VMB4AN and VMBHIS calibration offset

I have a problem with the VMBHIS (Homecenter), VMB4AN (Build 1950) and temperature reporting when setting an offset to the channel where a PT1000 is connected.

The bigger problem is that the Homecenter VMBHIS doesn’t take into account the offset calibration (+6,5Ohms in my case) while Velbuslink (V10.2.3) takes it into account.

I’ve already reported this problem to Stijnen last year when my Homecenter had versión 3.xx. Now Homecenter upgraded to V4xx doesn’t solve this problem.

So… I’ve done some tests :

Step 1 : I copy to a USB stick the actual VLP file configured with a t° offset to use it in step 2. Then I reset the offset of PT1000 and sync it. New t° in Velbuslink dropped. No change on the Homecenter display.

Step 2 : I use the USB stick VLP file on another PC (this file with offset set to +6,5Ohms) and without doing a scan, the T° is higher and follows the t° displayed on the glass panels* (see below)

So my deduction is that Velbuslink and the glass panels have in memory the offset and use it to calculate and to show the right t° while the Homecenter doesn’t !

*The smallest problem observed during those tests is that the t° displayed on the VMBGPO (FW 1917) and VMBELO (FW 1948) are the same on both panels but is 0,2°c less then the one displayed in Velbuslink.

This is indeed a problem in the Home Center software. We will contact Stijnen Solutions and report the issue from our side too.

The problem is solved now by Stijnen and next release of Homecenter will have this offset correction

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