VMB4AN in OpenHab

Hi everyone,

Did anyone manage to get the VMB4AN in OpenHab working? I’m trying to read the values of my input and essentially displaying them on a chart for historical reasons. I have 2 connected systems to my AN:

1; (CH9) - Current based measuring
2; (CH10) - Voltage based measureing

In openhab, I see CH9RAW (Number:ElectricPotential) but if I create an Item out of this (with Number:ElectricCurrent - point) - the value displayed does not match the raw value measured by Velbus.

in CH10RAW I added multiple items, with various types, and only on the ElectricCpacitance - point - I get a value, but again, a really weird value (7755.0) compared to the actual measured value in 4AN (VelbusLink) which shows me between 1000mV-2000mV…

any other value (such as Analog input (String) is always NULL

You’re probably better off posting an issue on GitHub, specifically related to this module within the openHAB binding.

Or, more generally on the openHAB community forum

Excellent work Mr Z :smile:

it wasnt me… and still not working either :frowning:

Hi. It was me who posted that VMB4AN Number formatting Feature Request. I have my bathroom thermostat and humidity sensor (2xTemperature Humidity Detection Sensor Module 0-10V Transmitter Collector 0 | eBay) working with openHAB., showing humidity in % and temperature in °C on CH9 and CH10 respectively. I am using the Semantic Model. I had to create a pattern under stateDescription metadata for the Humidity to show the ‘%’. When I was playing around with the CH9raw and CH10raw, the correct voltages were shown.
On my sensors, Humidity has a direct relationship to voltage, whereas Temperature, measured in mV, had to be corrected within Velbuslink. So, currently, Humidity is shown as 53.1% and 5312.5mV, whilst Temperature is 20.0 °C and 4007.5mV. So, working as expected here. Just wondering if something needs to be tweaked in VelbusLink? None of my sensors measure current though.

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so… i did get some values out of my VMB4AN in openhab… but while they looked like the values in VelbusLink they were off by some %…

my water meter (current) in Velbus shows: 7460 for example, while openhab keeps it on: 7745… (which should be uA formatted…) I never got the voltage for ch10 in OpenHab…

I am assuming that the VMB4AN has the configuration settings set up (both of mine are Voltage (0… 10V sensor)?

Initially I could not get CH9 and CH10 Channels to show anything but “NULL” but that was because I had not enabled auto send on VelbusLink. Once I had that set, CH9 and CH10 did show the correct values but did not have % for humidity (Number:Dimensionless), but CH10 for temperature did show °C (Number:Temperature). The voltages were correct though in both cases (CH9RAW and CH10RAW in mV).

I think the Velbus binding is hard coded as Number:ElectricalPotential for CH9RAW to CH12RAW. Even then, the values should be correct but in mV. The only other thing I can think of is to look at the logs to see if the values in the logs match what is expected.

Perhaps we could try to get the voltage sensor working first as mine are all voltage sensors and all 4 are working fine.

Oh. Just saw this…

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