VMB4DC Firmware upgrade failed - module broken

I tried to perform a firmware upgrade of my VMB4DC (Firmware 1443) and got an error during the upgrade: “firmware integrity could not be verified”
The process was interrupted.
Now I can not communicate with the module anymore.
Trying to upgrade again seems to be looping: progress bar grows and shrinks again for about 40 minutes.

The module seems to be sending continuous bootloader started(65) messages and does not function anymore.


Please don’t say I have to send it back…

I think you may have answered your own question…

Have you contacted the Velbus support team?

Try to reduce the traffic on your network to a minimum by disabling the auto reporting of temperature sensors etc.

Once there is little to no traffic, retry the firmware upgrade. The looping is caused by bus collisions with other packets that saturate the bus (if combined with the firmware upgrade).