VMB4PD (and VMB8PB) and toggle mode?


I would to prepare my electric scheme (diagram) and I would to use BP in mode toggle.
In room where only 1 BP is needed, I suppose it’s OK.
In room where 2 or 3 BP are required, is it possible to control the same light ?
What’s about the status LED on each BP ?

Example : when light is OFF (VMB4RY : using push buttons turning the relay on or off), I would all BP LED ON (to see them in the night). When pushing a BP, the light came up and BP’s LEDs become OFF.

Example 2 : want a short timer for garage and on long push a long timer. If leaving garage before long timer ended, pushing button stop the light. A second BP (on VMB4PD) is in the kitchen. Is it possible to have the LED status of the light in the garage ?

Hope my questions are enough clear… :unamused:

Is is not a problem to have multiple toggle buttons for the same relay contact.
The button leds will all show the relay status.

If you add a button in the kitchen, the led will also show the status of the relay that controls the garage.

Great ! Thanks… but LED ON when Light OFF is possible ?