VMB4PD integration in BTicino module?

Hi there,

on Velbus site (ecat.bticino.fr/index.php?id=61789), Light Tech doesn’t have 3 modules.

Any explanation is welcome as I’m searching to have all plug and modules in the same series… :frowning:

I know for a fact that Light Tech exists in 3 module version because I use them myself…

Check: bticino.be/pdf/fr/BTicino%20Living-Light-Tech%2006-07%20FR.pdf
Page 3

Thanks Cantryn but this is 2006-2007 catalog, so e-catalog or catalog 2010 PDF file (ecat.bticino.fr/index.php?mod=Docu&id=23331, 19 Mo) hasn’t 3 modules for each series (Axolute = YES but nothing for Ligh-tech or light or living).


Hmm, strange, as bticino has its own hardware that is 3 modules wide… So there would be no coverplate for them?
Anyway, I looked around a bit and my suplier still has them on stock. Maybe you should contact some shops in your area or search online.
Here is a Belgian webshop who has them on stock, not sure if they ship to France: