VMB4PD - switching active buttons trough a velbus command


Is it possible to send a velbus command to a VMB4PD in order to switch between the active buttons 1 to 4 and 5 to 8?

Eventually to switch to the day/time screen?

Eventualy setting the day/time trough a command?


Hi Gert,

Setting the RTC can be done by sending:

priority: low
address: 0 (NOT the address of the 4PD !)
rtr: 0
datasize: 4
databyte 1: command 0xD8
databyte 2: day of week (1=mo, 2=tue, 6=su)
databyte 3: hours (0…23)
databyte 4: minutes (0…59)

I don’t think it is possible to switch the screens.


Sory, but there is no command for selecting the main, second or time display page.

Alain, thank you for the info, but sending this command does not change the clock on both of my VMB4PD’s. One is in main clock mode, and one has main clock set to off. None does change with the command.

Any ideas?

Hi Gert,

I just tested it with my setup and it works. I started the VelBusLink software and used the Packet Creator (F9)

addr : 00
high priority: not checked
rtr: not checked
data size: 4
data: D8 05 0C 26

D8 = set RTC
05 = saturday
0C = 12h
26 = 38 min

My 4PD is in master clock mode and is build 0743

Please note that you should use address 0 because this is a broadcast message for the whole network. Don’t use the address of the 4PD in the package, as this won’t work…

Hmm - my fault: I forgot to convert the seconds to hex values, so probably noting was send because the value was too high …
Thanks again.