VMB4RY 4-channel relay module programming - garden lights


I am using the velbus system with the velbuslink software.
My garden lighting is connected to a VMB4RY 4-channel relay module and I am using the VMB4PD pushbutton panel to operate the system.
What I want to obtain, is that a short press on one of the VMB4PD buttons activates my garden lights voor 5 minutes and a long press would switch ON the relay for an underterminated time until I press the button again (to switch it OFF).
What did I do?
*) on the VMB4RY module for the the concerning channel:

  • TIME1 on “7”
  • MODE/TIME2 on “F”
    *) on the velbuslink software, I add the concerning VMB4PD button to the VMB4RY module with “activate modus”

It is, however, not working.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?