VMB4RY command with default timer?

Hi guys,

I’m searching how to send a command to relay module but using default hardware timer (like receiving a push button command).

  • Switch relay ON ? 0FF8@@0201xx
  • Start relay timer ? 0FF8@@0503xx TTTTTT (which value for TTTTTT ? 000000 ? &FFFFFF is always…)


VMB4RY Protocol (PDF)

FFFFFF = Always
000000 = Hardware

Oh, I’m confused… I’ve these documents and I’ve read it 2 hours ago without finding this information (VMB1RY PROTOCOL - edition 1 _ rev2). Rev 4 contains the information. Thanks !

By the way, footer’s pages often contains VMB1RY for many other modules (that aren’t VMB1RY at all)

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