Vmb4ry leaking current even when switch off

all in the title,

just bought some vmb4ry, seams to be a very old stock!
problem: relays allow a leaking current of 3 to 4 volts to pass, it is resulting in slightly lighting the bulb.

spoke with a pro and told me they have relays from 1st generation, they have to be changed.
I am convinced about this.

but did someone experienced this issue?


Most likely you use a very small load such as a neon lamp, led lamp or small energy saving lamp.
Removing the VDR’s will solve the problem.

Is it a TL-tube?
Sure you’re not switching the neutral?
Is the chassis connected to your earthing system?

no problem in my garage with TL lamp (neon ?) and VMB4RY but there are not old… :unamused:

the lamps I used are not very resitive, I am going to try the solution of vdr removal.