VMB4RY time/mode setting and VelBusLink status window

i have VMB4RY and i set channel 1 time1/mode to FF ( i want single push button to set to ON and with next push to OFF without any timers)
am i doing this correct?

in the velbuslink app i see status of channel as dual timer with 15 min timer…

Timer switches should both be set to ‘0’ for toggle function.
Use ‘D’ for learn mode.

sorry if i sound dummy…

i have relay with address set to 1 and 1…
for now i’m testing with 1st channel on relay and i use direct wires to relay for push buttons…
those buttons are “touch”, so they don’t stay in “on” position after clicking…they go back to “off” positon…
so is timer switches still should be 0? or F as note says in documentation:
If the rotating switch of the time setting is set on ‘F’, the relay module will operate in on/off mode…

when i set to F, velbuslink shows status of the channel as dual timer…

i also got pushbutton velbus module, should i use that one and forget about direct push button wires to relay?

Velbus soft will show as dual timer, but pos. ‘F’ is ‘infinite’ timer (= toggle)

thanks, so what should i set if i for now use direct push buttons to relay:


or something else?

Hoi Tadas,

If you didn’t get the soution already, here’s mine.

Your adress rotary switches are 1 & 1
Put your time 1 rotary switch in position 0
Put your time 2 rotary switch in position 0

You’d like to have a pushbutton connected to channel1 to control the relais:

Put adress rotary switch1 in position D
Put adress rotary switch2 in position 1

Operate the attached push-button untill your relais operates
The push-button is nw programmed, turn the adress rotary switches back to original( = 1 & 1)

This should work