VMB4RY : Velbus packet commands


Is it possible that not all operating modes the VMB4RY module understands, are addressable by sending Velbus packets directy?
VMB4RY has roughly 4 relay control commands:

  • start timer
  • start blinking timer
  • switch relay on
  • switch relay off

When I configure a channel as turn-on-delay with a predefined amount of time, I would expect it to behave that way when sending the start timer command (with no delay specified).
In practise, I have noticed the channel acts like a “normal” turn off delay…

Most likely I am doing something wrong. I don’t find any documentation about this kind of command in the protocol documentation, or is this mode (together with possible other modes) not possible at all by sending Velbus packets?

Thanks for the reply,

  1. Switch timer ON/OFF do not use the mode/time switches
  2. Start timer and start blinking timer only use the time switch
  3. In the memory map of the VMB1RY and VMB4RY there is a region for ‘Activate mode’ pushbuttons. You will need to configure that memory region to respond to a button. You can’t activate the mode directly through a packet (unless you configure it to react to a button and then send the button pressed/released commands).

Note: In the new version of the VMB4RY all rotary switches will be removed and everything will be configurable through the memory map.

I’m going to buy these modules… when will be there ? Thanks.

All VMB4RY’s will be upgradeable too