VMB4RYLD - contact NC - feedback led

Hello Support,

Possible to set the feedback led to active when a contact is changed to NC instread of NO?



I don’t fully understand your question but can’t you resolve the problem by linking your feedback led to another relay (function monitoring)?

you can use relay y as inverted from relay x by linking it using 2 actions (2.OFF + 17.start timer while opening contact/continuous)

Kris Daelman

Hi Kris,

Maybe I didn’t give enough details.

My ventilation system is connected to VMB4RYLD on a contact set to NC.
So the ventilation is always working, but the physical led on the VMB4RYLD isn’t lit up, only when i switch the contact ON = ventilation off.
Which makes absolutely sense, I was just wondering if the LED function could be inverted too?

So i can see through the homeserver that the ventilation is operational.

Or should I configure this in a different way?