VMB6IN and legacy switches


I am planning to deploy a VELBUS system with most functions done on a centralized rack, and this is my first post.

I know that one should use pushbuttons, all the industry does this, but… is there a way to have the VMB6IN support legacy switches, where the user changes state (on-off or off-on), instead of pushing and releasing a button (off-on-off)? I badly need something like this, because there are some old (and beautiful) switches which I cannot easily change, as they are part of the historical context.

If this is not supported yet, maybe it could be escalated as a suggested future feature to do something the competition mostly doesn’t do? :slight_smile:

Thank you.



It is not a problem to connect ON/OFF switches to the VMB6IN

to wexfordman,

there is no problem to connect on/off switchs to a vbm8pb. for the local pbinputs on a 4chan module you can do the same. put your Mode/time2 rotary switch on the module to “0” ( momentary function) so as long as the switch is closed your relay is activated. when the switch is open the relay will be deactivated.

hope this will help you


I had exactly the same problem. As is indicated, you can connect legacy switches to Velbus. However there is one problem:

if you control your relays with other means than the legacy switches (in my case a web interface), you will need to flip the switch twice next time you use it to change the light. Very annoying. To overcome this problem, I created a small library that keeps the state of every relay and just toggles the state when a legacy switch is used that is configured to control that relay.

The library (programmed in python) makes use of my generic python-velbus library. All of which can be found on: pypi.python.org/pypi/python-velbus/1.0

It should work on both Windows, Mac OS X and Unix systems. Feel free to mail me if you have any further questions.


The way I have just done it is to use a 1-gang 2-way switch with both positions wired to seperate inputs. In position 1 the lights are on and in position 2 i.e. off, the contact (which would be N/C) is used to switch off all outputs.


to everyone,

just put your relay in monentary command (mode rotary switch on relay module = 0). As long as the switch is closed the relay is on. when the switch opens then the relay is off.