VMB6IN CHANNEL INPUT MODULE vs VMB8PB push button module

what is the main difference VMB6IN vs VMB8PB.
i have security system that has 16 outputs (relays) and i wan to connect them to VELBUS, should i use input module or push button module for this?

thanks info



The VMB6IN is a DIN module to be used with pushbuttons located not directly in the vicinity of the module, this is meant to be used by example for existing bushbuttons with wiring to the wiring cabinet.
The VMB8PB is to be used as close as posible to the pushbuttons (+/-20cm).
So for your system I would use 2 VMB8PB modules inside your alarm system housing (units are realy small and an alarm cabinet is in most cases more than big enough to house them) so you just have to run the bus cable to the alarm cabinet.